6 ways to boost your mental health during isolation

6 ways to boost your mental health during isolation

We have put together some suggestions to help improve your mood if you are living in an isolated situation (geographically or due to COVID), or if you are simply feeling a bit low in motivation.


Create a daily routine for your regular movement including an aerobic and strength component. Exercise is beneficial for clearing your mind and is great for increasing your energy levels throughout the day. Exercise is also proven to lower your risk of dementia. Try going for a brisk walk at the same time each day, or utilise some at home equipment you might have or try some home exercises using body weight as resistance for a strength workout.


Include some healthy meals to improve your energy levels and immune health. We all feel a bit low if we experience high or low sugar crashes throughout the day due to what we are consuming. Try cooking up some new recipes that are full of nutritious whole grains, proteins, vegetables and fruits to keep you focused throughout the day. Limit foods that are high in saturated fats, oils and sugars.

Social Interaction

Keep in touch with family and friends – nothing better than a good catch up over the phone or video call. Schedule in some quality time to have a yarn, laugh or story time with your favourite people each day! Reconnect with some old friends you haven’t previously had time to visit or see that might also need a chat.

Goal Setting

Now is a great time for a little re-set and re-focus! Why not clear your mind and set some short term or even bucket list goals for this year and next year. Writing them down is a good way to keep track and you will feel accomplished as you tick them off. Keep your goals SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely). Some examples might include:

  1. Learn to cook a new cuisine this week
  2. Complete a online exercise class you haven’t tried before this week
  3. Start a new home exercise program
  4. Learn a new greeting or to count in new language each week.

Brain Games

Challenge yourself with something fun to do and include coordination or brain games. For example, start a jigsaw puzzle or board game, read a new book, complete a crossword or word search. All of these activities are great for maintaining and improving your memory and cognitive thinking, creating a good level of stimulus to your brain can help improve mental health, prevent cognitive issues and boost your overall mood and energy levels. 

Art & Crafts

Got a pair of brushes, paint and canvas laying around? Now is the time to get creative. What about some wood? You could make the easel for the piece to go on.

Club Active can offer further advice on physical activity and healthy eating to improve your mental health or well-being from our team of Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists or Dieticians at Club Active. Contact us for more information.

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