Club Active Difference

The number one priority and driving force behind Club Active is to change the way you age, incorporating physical, mental and social health to allow you to live a more fulfilling life.

Our goal is to offer a truly holistic health and wellness solution that caters for you individually. We offer a range of allied health services, fully equipped interactive gym, group fitness classes, activities area, lifestyle workshops and members lounge.

By embracing exercise to change the way you age, your health can be improved without the need for medications. Exercise improves your bodies functions in many ways. Exercise can:

  • Increase strength to combat osteoarthritis
  • Increase bone mineral density for osteoporosis
  • Improve cardio vascular health for heart conditions
  • Improve sugar control for diabetes
  • Improve mental health for anxiety and depression

And you are never too old (or young) to start.

Club Active members enjoy a healthy active lifestyle that slows the ageing process, decreases excess weight, eliminates joint pain and has them feeling better and looking amazing ultimately allowing them to age with vitality.

Club Active has been designed to provide a place where you can feel comfortable and gain expert guidance through a range of health conditions.

To experience all that Club Active has to offer, book in for a club tour and speak to our team today.

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Each Club Active Club Offers

Wellness Centre

Each Club Active Wellness Centre provides a gym facility where you can feel comfortable exercising in a safe, caring and fun environment. This is done under the guidance of our highly qualified staff.

Members are health screened and provided a personalised exercise program and shown exactly how to safely exercise. By using our smart equipment, you don’t even need to remember you program, our technology will track your exercise and ensure you’re working within your limitations.

We want to let people know there is a gym where they can feel comfortable and get expert guidance through a range of health conditions.

Tailored Classes

Have fun, improve your health and fitness with like-minded people at the same time. Our members love our tailored group classes. Regardless of your fitness level, there is a class to suit you!

Club Active classes include circuit, cardio, dance, move & tone, yoga, Pilates, tai chi and Pilates reformer.

We also offer specialised classes lead by our AEP’s to assist with chronic health conditions including diabetes, cardiac, breathe easy, balance and back health.

Expert Guidance

Unlike other gyms and wellness centres our highly qualified staff hold the highest level of training for prescribing exercise to individuals. As a minimum, they hold a 4 year Bachelor degree and must meet and maintain rigorous accreditation standards.

At Club Active, our staff are always on hand to supervise the gym floor and provide exercise programs, guidance and advice. You can be assured you are in the safest and most qualified hands every time you workout.

To experience all the Club Active has to offer, book in for a club tour and speak to our team today.

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