4 Foods to Boost Your Immune System

What you eat on a consistent basis can boost your immune system. The human body functions well if you eat healthy foods and avoid foods that sap your energy and strength. Fighting off a cold or flu feels difficult at first but...
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Movement  - Create a daily routine for your regular movement including an aerobic and strength component. Exercise is beneficial for clearing your mind and is great for increasing your energy levels throughout the day. Exercise...
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3 Exercises to Keep You Fit for Travel

Get functional, strong and fit ready to travel with some specific travel exercises. Whether it be historical sight seeing, train trips, road trips or just exploring local stop overs; most individuals will benefit from these 3 exercises...
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Functional Fitness Workouts for Over 50

Are you approaching your 50s or over and starting to feel like you are not capable of doing certain exercises? Once you reach a certain age in life it’s easy to get stuck in a certain way of thinking. It might actually be true that you...
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5 Tips for Working Out at Home During Isolation

For a hefty number of people in the world, working out at home is the only option right now. Keeping fit during isolation poses some challenges. Perhaps you feel accustomed to a set gym routine. Maybe you require certain machines to keep...
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